really bad taste in blogging

 Hi cutie! I know I crossed the line of what should be appropriate greetings.

But I’m feeling flirty, I just watched an episode of Queer Eye where they took this guy living off the grid and gave him glasses, a watch and the best part- moisturized his beard.  He still makes no money but now his family notices him again and he has a sofa from Article. I am turned on.

To the Instagram community, I’m important now because there’s a link in my bio and you clicked it to get here. You kind, interested soul. I’m blogging, and you must think at my age to start a blog is embarrassing. And it is, at any age past sixteen. I started blogging in 2013 I was pregnant a newlywed and I thought I had to shave my pubic hair because society said so and if society says it, ‘well then fuck me sideways on a Sunday, by golly I have to get my shit together ‘ and shave! ( that was a white- ism,  I heard someone say that phrase once, you can add any chore or priority after ‘I have to get my shit together’  and it works I also thought that was an appropriate time to plug it. White – isms are phrases white people use that I actually adore like  ‘ screw the pooch’ ‘Hold your horses’ ‘whoopsie daisy’) Anyhoo, ( <— another one)  I realized a hairy vag was actually healthy, but I also didn’t like that my vagina looked and felt like, Vienna sausages.

If you’re still here and read through that with a straight face we were meant for each other. 

I stopped making posts on the blog unless they were huge life events like my daughter’s birthday party or my review on eating Jamaican food from the new gentrified spot.  ( which I will do here!) I will post blurbs about things that I probably shouldn’t but I have to get them out of my head. I’ve always wanted to be authentic and share my life with others, use a platform to discuss things that are important in our current political climate and… I’m not doing that here. My therapist suggested this or working out. I obviously chose a hobby that would keep me alive longer. The internet. Here we are, stay with me, please?  Be happy that I’m back online doing nothing in the midst of my struggling chaotic career.

Scroll down and check out the song of the week on this page! 

6 thoughts on “really bad taste in blogging

  1. I’m not sure how or when I started following, but gad to be here for this phase. You’re clearly a talented writer. Can’t wait to read more.


    1. Dear Disappointed, thanks for writing in. I don’t know what is real, but what is ureal is you can’t be more disappointed at my own screw-ups than me, we might be neck to neck but I win here. Oh and to ease your disappointment the song is on the sidebar, yeah right there, on the right, yeah right under the- there ya go, yup thats it! press play! enjoy!


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